The Mercury Ville at Chidlom: Complementing Your Urban Lifestyle

The Mercury Ville at Chidlom is part of the Mercury Tower complex, situated in the prime location of Chidlom. Distinguished by its modern loft-style architecture and vibrant red façade, it encompasses both office spaces and a shopping center that cater to the lifestyle needs of downtown office workers and residents. Our mall is near major transportation modes, enjoying direct access to BTS Chidlom station, making travel convenient and effortless.

A Space Inspired by Urban Living

Our namesake, Mercury, is the smallest planet in the solar system known for its swift movement. The planet’s speedy rotation mirrors the fast-paced life of city dwellers, who are constantly on the move. Our vision is to create a space that exerts a magnetic pull, allowing city dwellers to experience the best of urban living through carefully curated shops and dining establishments.

Supporting You to Live Your Best Life

We aspire to create a space that aligns with the lifestyle of urbanites who seek convenience, speed, and value in every aspect of their lives. Whether it’s expansive and comfortable workspaces for lease in the Mercury Tower building or the chic retail spaces in The Mercury Ville at Chidlom, we offer a variety of establishments providing seamless experiences to complement city living.

Conveniently located near BTS Chidlom station with a direct walkway connecting to the Mercury Tower, The Mercury Ville mall offers a variety of dining options, including fast food, family restaurants, buffet venues, and rooftop bars. Retail shops and beauty clinics provide options for services catering to aspirational needs and desires.

Commercial and Office Spaces at Bangkok’s CBD

The Mercury Tower is located at 540 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan District, at the busy corner of Ploenchit Road and Lang Suan Road. It is a Grade A office building, 25 stories high, with six underground levels and ample parking facilities for office workers and visitors.

The spaces on levels 1-4 are allocated for the shopping center, divided into two main sections. Approximately 18,200 square meters of office spaces are for lease, and approximately 6,745 square meters are for retail spaces. With its proximity to the BTS train and main roads, the building offers seamless integration with transportation and lifestyle amenities, serving as a hub for both city dwellers and downtown office workers.

Discover our establishments, from coffee shops and restaurants to lifestyle and banking services. Experience the convenience and enjoyment of urban living at Mercury Tower and The Mercury Ville.

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