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11 Ways to Take Care of Your Face for Clear Skin

One of the most significant facial skin problems people face is acne, which often impacts confidence and leaves sufferers seeking treatment. So, today, we’re sharing our top 11 tips on how to care for your face skin. Read on to discover more.

Facial cleansing is essential

What is Acne?

Before we go into the natural techniques for caring for face skin, we’ll explain the causes and types of acne to help you understand them better and find a cure.

Causes of Acne

  • Internal factors include hormones, genes, stress, nutrients, and medicines.
  • External factors include improper skin care, using the wrong products, and your environment and lifestyle. 

Types of Acne

There are two main types of acne:

  1. Comedonal 

Comedonal acne is caused by oil, dead skin, and bacteria that block the pores. These can be divided into two types:

  • Closed comedones are non-inflamed blemishes caused by dead skin cells and oil blocking the pores, sometimes called whiteheads. 
  • Open comedones or blackheads are clogged pores that turn black due to environmental exposure.
  1. Inflammatory acne

Inflammatory acne results from significant inflammation of blocked pores that causes sore red bumps. It can be divided into four types:

  • Papules: a small red bump
  • Pustules: a small pimple containing pus
  • Nodules: a firm, swollen lump
  • Cysts: a pocket of tissue filled with fluid and pus

11 Ways to Take Care of Your Face for Clear Skin

  1. Clean your face

Double cleansing is essential. The first cleanse removes makeup and sunscreen, and the second deeply cleanses your skin. 

  1. Scrub your face 1-2 times per week

Apart from a daily cleansing routine, you should scrub 1-2 times per week to exfoliate dead skin and reduce inflammatory acne. Moreover, it helps your skincare products absorb into the skin more easily.

  1. Apply sunscreen before makeup

Sunscreen protects the skin from pollution and dust, which causes inflammatory acne. Moreover, it protects the skin from UV rays that cause wrinkles, dark spots, melasma, and skin cancer.

  1. Select the right skincare 

Selecting the proper skincare for your face is essential. If you have acne, you should choose skincare products to enrich your skin and a moisturizer to reduce skin inflammation.

  1. Avoid extracting the acne yourself

Self-extraction creates dark spots and scars. We recommend applying acne gel or products specifically for the treatment of acne.

  1. Use dark spot skincare products

Products to reduce dark spots should be applied to nourish and create beautifully healthy skin. 

  1. Get enough rest 

Get enough rest, ideally 7-8 hours per night, to repair and revive your skin.

  1. Drink enough water

Drinking 8-10 glasses a day nourishes the skin, moisturizes, reduces inflammation, and excretes waste from the body, which helps create bright skin and reduces acne.

  1. Eat well

A healthy diet will help you achieve bright and healthy skin from the inside out; therefore, oily, fried, and sweet foods should be avoided.  

  1. Meditation and relaxation

Stress can cause acne, so relaxation and a peaceful mind are key to maintaining healthy skin.

A natural way to care for facial skin is with facial treatments
  1. Skin treatments  

Another way to achieve healthy skin is with aesthetic treatments at a clinic. There are many options to create brighter and glowing skin, such as facial and acne laser treatments.

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