Ultimate food menus for celebrating new year

Prepare to Celebrate! 8 Recommended New Year’s Lucky Foods

As we approach the New Year season, you’ll find people flocking to restaurants wherever you turn. Besides satisfying their hunger, this New Year’s season is also a great opportunity to socialize with family and friends. During these festive times, many focus on dining at their favorite or highly-reviewed restaurants. However, when you do go out, don’t forget to boost your luck right from the beginning of the year by ordering from our New Year’s Lucky food menu. Wondering what dishes you should order to celebrate? Let’s find out in our blog!

1. Fish Dishes

Fish dishes are one of the New Year’s Lucky foods that you’ll find in almost every restaurant. The tradition of eating fish for luck comes from China because the word “fish” sounds like “surplus” in Chinese, symbolizing the wish for surplus and abundance throughout the year. Moreover, fish, being an aquatic creature, is considered a symbol of prosperity, as water signifies wealth and abundance. There’s also a belief that eating the whole fish signifies completeness and can bring financial prosperity. Popular fish dishes to enjoy on New Year’s include steamed fish with soy sauce, lemon-steamed fish, and more.

2. Larb

When it comes to lucky foods, Larb is a must-try. Besides its delicious and spicy flavors, Larb is associated with the word “Lap,” which means unexpected good fortune. It is believed to bring good luck, wealth, and good things that may come unexpectedly. Additionally, it symbolizes good health, as the saying goes, “No diseases, great fortune.”

3. Tofu

Tofu is a lucky and popular food during the New Year due to its association with happiness. The word “tofu” in Chinese sounds similar to the word “happiness,” so many believe that consuming tofu on New Year’s Day brings happiness and prosperity throughout the year. Tofu is versatile and can be prepared in various dishes, such as fried tofu and steamed tofu, or as an ingredient in other recipes, making it a delightful addition to your New Year’s feast.

4. Toshikoshi Soba

In Japan, people enjoy eating Toshikoshi Soba, meaning “year-crossing soba,” on New Year’s Eve. The long and chewy soba noodles symbolize a long and healthy life, while the ease of cutting the noodles signifies a smooth transition into the new year. It’s a long-held belief that eating Toshikoshi Soba brings good luck and simplicity in life.

New Year menus that bring good fortune

5. Thai Rice Noodles

Similar to the Japanese belief in soba noodles, Chinese noodles are also a symbol of longevity and prosperity. Their long, uncut strands represent a long and prosperous life. Chinese noodles come in various flavors and can be enjoyed in dishes such as dry noodles with a rich, spicy flavor or sweet green curry noodles, all signifying good luck and abundance.

6. Clear Soup

When it comes to popular Thai dishes, clear soup might seem simple, but its hot and clear broth symbolizes a smooth and obstacle-free life. Adding ingredients like glass noodles, which signify smooth flow, and seaweed, which symbolizes a long and prosperous life, enhances the symbolic meaning of this dish, making it an ideal choice for New Year’s celebrations.

7. Thai Desserts

Thai desserts are known for their intricate craftsmanship and are often associated with good luck. Among them, desserts with the word “Thong” (meaning gold) in their names, such as Thong Yib, Thong Yot, and Foi Thong, are popular choices. Their golden appearance signifies wealth and prosperity. These Thai desserts are not only visually appealing but also symbolize abundance, making them perfect for New Year’s celebrations.

8. Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are a favorite vegetable among Thais and are easily incorporated into various dishes. They are considered lucky vegetables, symbolizing growth and progress. Stir-fried bean sprouts, combined with tofu, are often served together to enhance the symbolism of prosperity and abundance for the upcoming year.

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