Foodie Ville The Mercury Ville @ Chidlom

FOODIE VILLE (4th) at The Mercury Ville @ Chidlom

Foodie Ville The Mercury Ville @ Chidlom

?? ??? ??????? ????? @ ??????? invites you to experience the deliciousness and explore international cuisine from across Asia at “FOODIE VILL (4th)” that will fully satisfy you for the whole 12 days.

?????? Step into a world of endless flavor with a collection of renowned restaurants and dessert shops that offer a tantalizing taste of Asia. From the delectable Kimbap of Korea to the aromatic Pho of Vietnam and the savory malatang of China, you’ll find something to tempt your taste buds at every turn. Each shop carefully selects exceptional dishes to serve, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best.

? From 7th – 18th August 2023
? 1st floor, The Mercury Ville @ Chidlom

? Meet the delicious food parade: กิมจิคุณคิม, คิมบับไส้ทะลัก Premium Gimbap, ชาตักวุ้น, แดซองฮี, เฝอถ้วยหิน (ต้นตำรับเวียดนาม), เคบับเอ็กเพรส, สุวิมลหอยจ๊อ, G.J.Lecker, Gluttony house, Hello Poutin, ING Tea house, MALA DADDY BKK, Miruku Pure Milk, Mokaru Choux, Passion Bake x Koala Bun, punpun.moji, SAKEサクCroissant Taiyaki, SAKU SAKU, Shogun Takoyaki, So Dough, Yakiimoya